Fiber optic pro-6471 core alignment fusion splicer.

Where copper cabling uses electricity to transmit signals from one end to another, fiber optics use light pulses to accomplish the same purpose. The fiber optic cable is made of a transparent glass core surrounded by a mirror like covering called cladding. Light passes through the fiber optic cable, bouncing off the cladding until it reaches the other end of the fiber channel – this is called total internal reflection.

Main  Technical  Parameter
Applicable FiberSMF(ITU-T G.652)?MMF(ITU-T G.651)?DSF(ITU-T G.653)?NZDSF
Average Splicing Loss0.02dB(SM)?0.01dB(MM)?0.04dB(DS)?0.04dB(NZDS)
Return Loss<-60dB
Operation ModeAuto?Halfauto?Manual
Align ModeAdvanced PAS align mode.
Fiber Diameterclad diameter?80µm?150µm?coating diameter?100µm?1000µm
Cleave Length8?16mm(coating diameter<250µm), 16mm?coating diameter 250?1000µm?
MagnificationVertical 152times?horizonl 304times.
Image Display5.7’ 640*480 LCD.
Pull TestStandard 2N(optional).
Heat-Shrinkable Tube40mm?60mm and a series of micro Heat-Shrinkable Tubing.
Battery CapacityTypcally splice 220 times, charging for 3.5 hour(available when charge).
Battery LifetimeCycle life up to 300?500times?replaceable.
Electrode Lifetime>4000 times,replaceable
Lighting for ConstructionBuilt-in super High-brightness LED supply convenience for night work
Power SupplyBuilt in 11.1V Lithium Ion Battery.AC adopter(input AC100?240?output DC13.5V/4.5A)
Environment AdaptationTemperature range?-10??50??Humidity?95%RH(40??no condensing)?Altitude?0?5000m
Weight2.3kg(no battery ), 2.8kg(include battery)
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