SC APC SM Single Mode 9/125 Fiber Optic Pigtail Simplex 0.9mm

  • Low insertion loss;Repetitive good;High return loss
  • Good Interchangeability performance
  • Temperature stability
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Standards Conformed to:YD/T926I; SO/IEC 11801;TIA/EIA-568-B


Fiber optic pigtail products are widely used: communication room, FTTH, LAN , fiber optic sensors, optical fiber communication systems, fiber optic transmission equipment, national defense readiness. Applicable to cable television networks, telecommunications networks, computer optical network and optical test equipment. Subdivided down mainly used in several areas Optical fiber communication system;Optical fiber access network;Optical fiber data transmission;Optical fiber CATV;Local Area Network (LAN);Test the equipment;Optical fiber sensor. Technical Parameter:Inserting Loss: SM UPC≤0.3dB; SM APC≤0.3dB MM UPC≤0.3dB; Return Loss: SM UPC≥50dB; SM APC≥60dB MM UPC≥30dB

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